20 Tips for Branding Your Business During the 2020 Holidays

Yvette Rodriguez

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October 26, 2020 at 8:44 AM

20 Tips for Branding Your Business During the 2020 Holidays

The holiday season is fast approaching, and with it, the chance to end 2020 on a positive note. Your holiday marketing campaign presents the perfect opportunity to boost your brand and show consumers who you are and what sets you apart. With these 20 branding ideas, you can gain the momentum you need to carry your business into 2021.

1. Catch buyers early in the season. 
Thirty-five percent of shoppers
started their holiday shopping before the end of October in 2019. Due to the need for continued distancing and online shopping, shoppers may start even earlier in 2020. Catch their attention early so that when they plan their holiday shopping needs, consumers will visit your store. 

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2. Plan now for convenient pick-up and delivery options. 

Think ahead to how you will provide more options for high-risk shoppers or those who want to continue to socially distance throughout the season. If possible, offer convenient options right up until the last day your business remains open for the holidays. Can you take advantage of delivery services? Curbside pickup? These options could entice high-risk shoppers, not to mention, it’s super convenient for parents with young children. 

3. Plan ahead for potential issues. 

Make sure your team is ready to pivot if necessary this year, whether you're dealing with mail delays or challenges with in-person shopping. What can you do to make the holiday shopping season easier on everyone?

4. Know what makes you different.

What sets your brand apart from your competitors? Do you offer more convenient shopping hours? Services that your competitor doesn't? Is there something that you do to go above and beyond? Highlight it as you plan your 2020 branding campaign. 

5. Create a cause marketing campaign.

Support a community organization or group. Focus on giving back to the community. This year, as never before, consumers are interested in shopping with businesses that give back

6. Add a special touch.

Consider seasonal packaging or another option that will evoke a sense of holiday magic for your customers. If you're shipping, consider offering wrapping services to help packages look their best -- and keep gifts top secret. 

7. Make your ads stand out.

Create ads that are consistent with your brand positioning and values and add an element of holiday cheer. For example, add snowflakes to your existing creative to keep your message consistent while giving it a boost for the holidays.  

8. Offer a convenient, socially-distanced shopping experience.

In addition to pickup and delivery options, consider offering personal shoppers, special hours for VIP customers, or special shopping times for special audience segments, like elderly and high-risk individuals. 

9. Provide great holiday gift guides.

Offer access online or via email so that consumers can get a good look at what you have to offer without having to come into the store. 

10. Crowdsource content.

Get your customers involved in your social media efforts. Consider hosting a contest or other promotion that will help encourage them to post and share. Come up with a hashtag for customers to use when they share their experience, whether that's with your products, with your services, or in their shopping experience. 

11. Incorporate video into your plan.

Showcase the people, environment and things that make your brand unique. Video helps customers connect with you more directly and allows them the chance to get to know you. 

12. Retarget consumers who visited your website.

Keep in mind that during holiday shopping, in particular, consumers may go through multiple websites looking for gifts for friends and family members. Retargeting can help them remember where they visited and what they were interested in. When you understand the buyer's journey, you can create a series of social media ads that can help walk them through the next stage of the buying process. 

13. Interact with customers via social media.

Use those interactions to get a feel for what customers really want this holiday season and how you can offer it to them. Get them excited about your promotions and special offers. 

14. Use storytelling to help provide a deeper consumer experience. 

Through storytelling online, in social posts, in integrated lifestyle segments, and in ads, you can make customers want to know you better. Your stories can make them want to experience your products, your services and your brand. 

15. Include CTAs. 

An effective call to action can help drive consumer response and encourage them to take the action you want after viewing an ad, email, or post. 

16. Connect, and stay connected, with email marketing.

Use email marketing to keep up with consumers as they move through the buyer's journey. Provide them with all the latest information, from new promotions to safety measures. 

17. Offer in-store communication and interaction.

Make sure it keeps up with your existing position and safety measures. Plan ahead to maintain social distance while offering maximum communication opportunities for consumers who need to know more before making a purchase. 

18. Make sure your existing customers feel valued.

This year, your business has needed the support of your customers more than ever before. Make sure you show gratitude often. Thank your customers for continuing to support you this year by offering special coupons or VIP discounts to show your appreciation.

19. Segment your audience. 

For digital and email marketing, segment your audience so that you have a solid understanding of who your holiday shoppers are. Tailor your message to each specific audience. 

20. Find ways to incorporate fun, joy and wonder.

Embrace the holiday season. Many of your customers will be leaning hard into the holidays to help bolster their moods and provide a sense of wonder. In spite of potential restrictions and limitations this year, find ways to make the most of the holidays. 

The holidays are here, and with it, an opportunity to make the most of the season and embrace it as never before. Incorporate  some of your favorite holiday marketing tips into your plan today. 

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