Creating a Culture of Good is Also Good for Business

Yvette Rodriguez

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February 4, 2020 at 7:45 AM

Creating a culture of good

A company with a positive workplace culture will often see more success in its efforts and its employees. Doug Conant of Campbell Soup said it best: “To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace.” In fact, a study done by Columbia University shows that companies with high company culture experience job turnover at only 13.9 percent, where low company culture job turnover is about 48.4 percent.

What is Good Culture in the Workplace?

Good workplace culture is easy to spot. There is low employee turnover; a waitlist of future employees; people are happy and smiling; there is a sense of job security; employees are ready to work and the company is open to embracing new ideas. There are high levels of communication throughout the organization and the employees don’t look at their role as ‘just a job.’ For marketing and business, this is key.

What Are Some Ways to Ensure Your Company Shines Through in Your Marketing?

A company can instill their good culture values to the outside through its marketing efforts occurring within the organization. Here are some ways this can be accomplished:

Create thoughtful marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns showcasing how important it is to do good deeds goes a very long way toward showcasing humanitarian efforts inside and outside the company. These campaigns not only inspire the community and other businesses to do good, but it creates positive morale within the workplace and the employees too. 

Use stories from real people

Who has the company helped and how? These are real stories that lend credibility and support to the company’s social stance. Whether it’s within or outside the company, these are the stories that people want to see and hear about. It’s helpful when the audience feels as though they can relate to the story and people affected through the company’s efforts. It makes it more realistic.  

Get the company involved with charitable organizations and showcase that to the audience

Charity starts at home. That means lending a helping hand where needed. Companies that consistently support charitable organizations are viewed as a positive addition to the community. Not only does this reflect a positive brand to the community, but it also inspires current employees and attracts future ones. 

Offer company-specific internal opportunities that build morale

Giving employees a chance to shine makes a difference. Whether it’s providing incentives every month, or giving them an opportunity to go volunteer in the community, it builds internal morale and loyalty. People want to feel appreciated and seen, so by recognizing hard work and good deeds, your employees will be more motivated in and out of the workplace. When your employees feel positive about their employer and their workplace they are inclined to work to their best ability. 

Why Should an Organization Advertise Their Good Company Culture?

A good workplace culture has a positive impact on the business. By showcasing the company’s efforts within the organization, and around the community, they make a difference. Here are a few ways to showcase the company’s efforts:

  • Share a testimonial from someone impacted through acts of the company through a TV ad campaign that showcases your company’s efforts
  • Include statistics on how the company has made a difference and where
  • Plan a social media campaign that showcases those employees within the company who perform good deeds to boost the existing culture. Highlight them through spotlight posts
  • Create a tab on the company website where these examples are highlighted

Very often, companies don’t know where to start in highlighting their efforts. An experienced media company can assist in making each of these ideas come to life. Having a good workplace culture also helps with recruiting efforts and employee morale.

There’s nothing more effective than creating a positive company culture to improve your business. A good culture ensures you have loyal employees that care beyond coming to work every day. By using the tactics above, you can improve business practices and how the company is viewed from the outside - even by other organizations!

By working with a media company to help execute these efforts in creating good culture, the organization will be able to see viable, measurable results.

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