Get Involved in Super Build: Helping Others Helps You

Derek Eige

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November 2, 2020 at 7:45 AM

Cause marketing has a powerful impact on your business and on your community as a whole. Through cause marketing, you can give back to those in need: something that has become increasingly important this year, with so many people suffering due to COVID-19 shutdowns, layoffs and other challenges. Cause marketing, however, is not just for the community. It also helps your business. 


When you participate in cause marketing, potential customers will connect your business with your commitment to giving back. Eighty-five percent of customers prioritize supporting businesses that they see as caring--and often, they focus on the businesses that give to the causes that matter most to them. One great way to get involved is by partnering with Super Build.

12 Community Partners. Two Builds. One Super Mission.

FOX5's Super Build kicked off in February 2020 with 10 local sponsors. The goal: to build a home for a local veteran in need. This was the first build of its kind in the Las Vegas area, with multiple local businesses working together to achieve a common goal. In 2021, FOX5 and our community partners are committed to making Super Build even bigger!

What Does Super Build Aim to Accomplish?

2020's Super Build initiative focused on one build. It allowed sponsors to get construction boots on the ground while being actively featured giving back to the Las Vegas community on-air, online and through social media.

In 2021, Super Build will focus on two big builds. From January to May, Super Build plans to partner with Make An Impact Foundation and Play Power to build a community playground. The new playground is slated for completion as school lets out for summer, making it a great place for kids to spend time over the break. 

From July to November, Super Build will shift its focus to partner with Habitat for Humanity Las Vegas. The Super Build team will work to build a home for a family in need, allowing that family to move into their new home just in time for the holidays. 

Interested in getting your business involved with Super Build? Let's talk!

Why Partner with Super Build?

Super Build is an amazing opportunity for local businesses. It allows you to connect directly with something that is important to the Las Vegas community. As you work to help build a playground, you are showing your commitment to Las Vegas youth in the aftermath of a year where playgrounds were shut down and they were forced to stay inside.

In addition to your monetary donations, your team members can take part in constructing the playground. In the second half of the year, your community commitment will shine as you help build a home for a family in need. As an additional benefit, this creates a wonderful team building exercise for your staff, strengthening a positive work culture.

You'll have the chance to make important connections and put a face on your business's involvement in the community. Many community members will see your involvement and find additional ways to partner with your business as a result. 

How Can You Get Involved?

Your Super Build sponsorship begins with your donation to Make an Impact Foundation and Habitat for Humanity Las Vegas, which will help ensure funding for the builds. Each Super Build sponsor will receive two build days, one for each project. You will get to bring a number of your team out to work directly on the project: getting their hands dirty and participating in giving back to the community. 

Your business is an important part of your local community. Cause marketing gives you the chance to give back and support Las Vegas families, providing them with the things they need most; in this case a safe place for children to play and a home. This year, consider partnering with Super Build to help build up your brand and outreach. Through this amazing cause marketing opportunity, you can gain more exposure for your business and connect with members of the community at the same time. It's great for Las Vegas and great for your business. Connect with a Gray Las Vegas team member today to learn more about Super Build.

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