Why Your Law Firm Needs to be Advertising on TV

Hunter Howard

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August 17, 2020 at 9:24 AM

 Let us show you how to stand out amongst the competition and use TV to build your brand, credibility and clientele.

Typically a legal dispute is unexpected and costly! And unlike a mechanic or doctor - many people don’t have a preferred attorney on hand. As a result, most people who need legal help end up contacting the first lawyer they can think of - which is usually a legal firm they saw on TV.

So what does this mean for local law firms? It could mean a big payoff if they’re advertising consistently with the right message and in the right place!.

 Let us show you how to stand out amongst the competition and use TV to build your brand, credibility and clientele.

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Increase Brand Awareness

Legal advertising is an extremely competitive space - especially in the Las Vegas valley. You will need to find your voice and break through the clutter with your campaign branding. If you have a generic message, you can potentially end up losing a lot of money and time while getting lost in the shuffle. Consider what speciality your firm can deliver on, that others in your field cannot. What is it that truly sets your team apart from your competition? Is there a certain niche that you have special expertise in? It’s always best to be an expert in something vs trying to be everything to everyone. Consider the following factors when building brand awareness:

  • Consistency: Many people don’t plan on needing an attorney. In most cases, individuals seeking the assistance of a law firm are those that need immediate help or are looking because of a hardship of some kind. When people continue to see your firm on a consistent basis, it helps  build trust in your firm in advance. For some companies, just running TV ads alone actually boosted purchase consideration by 8% and increased buzz about the company by 20%.
  • Get in their Mind: Just because you are advertising to people who may not need an attorney now, doesn’t mean they won’t need one in the future. If a prospective client regularly sees your firm advertised, you will become top of mind. If they ever need legal help, your firm will be the first one they will consider calling.
  • Reach a Larger Audience: TV advertising lets you reach a larger targeted audience. How does this benefit you? More exposure, more potential clients, more profits, and more business in the long run. 

Create Your Own Marketing Funnel

The marketing funnel has been around for a long time, but regardless of how many times it has been tweaked, the basic concept remains the same. This funnel describes the key stages (also known as the AIDA stages) a customer needs to go through before they decide to buy something. And when you combine the marketing funnel with TV ads, digital, and paid targeted ads, the tactics can mean significant results for your law firm. Let's take a look at how this concept works:

  • Awareness: People need to understand that something exists before they buy it. TV ads are the best way to introduce products or services to consumers thanks to video, graphics, voice-over and its storytelling capabilities. 
  • Interest: Once people know about the service or offer, you need to somehow turn this awareness into interest . With your TV ad  you can help steer the consumer to your website where they can learn more about your services.
  • Desire: With this interest building between you and the consumer, you need to establish an emotional connection that helps inspire the client to reach out to your firm. This is where the creative of your TV spot is important. You need to identify the consumer’s pain points and why your firm is the solution.
  • Action: Help show the consumer how they can turn their interest into action by using specific tactics such as “call now”, “set up a free consultation” or “click here”. This will encourage them  to complete the exchange.

What is great about optimizing multiple platforms to display your specific message is that you can reach those individuals looking for legal services much faster. Plus, you can also expand awareness to those that may not necessarily need your services but have an opportunity to influence the decisions of friends and family that may need legal advice. However, one helpful tip to remember when sending out your message  is to make sure that you remain consistent across all of your platforms. This way, your message remains clear, and your branding stays the same. 

Build Credibility

One of the most significant aspects of consistent advertising is that it builds trust and credibility. Consider Geico, Old Spice and Neutrogena commercials. Most people recognize the brand without ever hearing the name because of their consistent marketing. Brands that include a constant theme or character, such as the Geico Gecko, will instill familiarity which can lead to heightened brand awareness. However, you do not need a Gecko in your ad to drive your point home. That brand awareness will in turn help to increase the trust and credibility of your brand. Consumers will see your business as one that is committed to their cause through your continued advertising efforts. Focusing on certain advertising elements can help build the credibility you need. 

  • Credibility Means Customers: Attorneys are called when absolutely necessary. They help clients through some of the most challenging times of their lives.  When your customers see you as credible, they are more likely to choose you and your firm when they are looking for legal help. Why? Because it shows potential clients that you can fulfill your promises and follow a high-quality standard. For example, Apple's iPhone. People are constantly flocking to get the latest model, spending every year, because the company provides a credible and reliable product.
  • Cause Marketing: Getting involved in your local community is a great way to build brand awareness, get your name out there, and build the credibility that can help you get significant results. The principle of cause marketing is to get your brand aligned with a cause in order to produce societal and profitable benefits for both parties. Take General Mills, for example, who created the "Save Lids for Lives" campaign (breast cancer awareness) for Yoplait yogurt. This initiative not only increased sales but collected over $25 million to be donated for that cause. 
  • More Touchpoints: More touchpoints equal a more recognizable brand. What exactly does this mean? The more ways you can interact with a customer, the more credibility you can build. And as you build credibility, this can ultimately influence a customer's experience as well as your brand's perception. 

See the Results You Want with TV Advertising

TV ads let you, the attorney, talk to potential clients one on one in their homes, and the more times people see you, the higher the chance they will be calling you when they need legal help.  Remember, you can only make one first impression. That is why before you put money, time, and energy into a TV ad, connect with an experienced media partner, one who can create an ad that will help you stand out amongst the competition. 

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