Put your business in the spotlight by being part of Las Vegas' #1 Lifestyle and Entertainment show.

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What is MORE Live in Las Vegas!?

As Las Vegas’ #1 Lifestyle & Entertainment show, MORE Live in Las Vegas! brings viewers beauty, fashion, and celebrity news – all in a fun and exciting way!

MORE’s mission is to help locals get MORE out of life! That’s why - in addition to trends and entertainment - MORE provides advice on parenting, health, finances, and education by teaming up with local businesses and experts. 

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Advertising on MORE Live in Las Vegas!

With energetic hosts and one of a kind sets (like our fully working Outdoor Kitchen) MORE Live in Las Vegas! is like no other local TV show. Clients can be part of the show in live or pre-produced 3-minute segments. Plus after the show, the segment is posted to the MORE website and easily shared. Clients can even connect with our 100k+ followers by taking part in our Facebook Live After Show.

It’s time to put your business in the spotlight by booking your MORE Live in Las Vegas! segment today!

MORE Live in Las Vegas Kitchen Set

Engage and Entertain with Live On-Air Cooking Segments

Cook, create and have your chefs entertain in our fully functional MORE Outdoor Kitchen, complete with a grill, flattop, and Kamado Rocket!

The MORE Outdoor Kitchen allows restaurants, catering services, and even grocery stores to show off their menu, fresh ingredients, and top dishes during MORE Live in Las Vegas! 9a - 10a PT.

After the live taping, these segments can be easily shared online and on social, gaining you future diners and shoppers!


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