Our award-winning video production department, AREA5,  will collaborate with your company to develop and produce custom creative campaigns to promote brand awareness and engagement.

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What is Video Production?

Your creative is what sets your business apart from your competitors.

It can tell the story of who you are, the customers you serve, and why people should choose your business.

Gray Las Vegas' commercial production team, AREA5, will take the time to develop a custom message that fits your brand and business needs - while working within your budget.

From scriptwriting to editing, AREA5 can create effective commercials and online videos that will grab people’s attention and make potential customers familiar with your business.

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Go inside AREA5 Production Commercial Production

With hundreds of commercials under their belt, our production team knows what works and how to make the process fun!

No matter the medium or industry, AREA5 will guide you through the creative journey so you will receive a high-quality, effective video.

As you start thinking about what your creative will look like, check out some of these insider tips from our Emmy Award-Winning commercial producer, Gene Sugano.

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