Creative Ways Your Business Can Get Involved With Las Vegas City Sports Right Away

Jon Miller

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July 27, 2020 at 8:55 AM


With sports abruptly canceled due to the pandemic, most sports fans are incredibly eager for the upcoming seasons. By aligning your brand with Las Vegas sports, you can help generate more engagement with your brand and business as well as increasing excitement about everything your brand has to offer to your customers. 

TV Commercials

Now is the time to start working on a TV commercial that will help position your brand alongside Las Vegas sports. If you aren't a direct partner of local sports teams, you can't mention them directly in your advertising, but you can connect to the enthusiasm associated with upcoming games. 

For example, if you're a pizza shop, you can let your customers know how excited you are and provide them with information about deals you'll be running during the season. Inform your customers of when they need to order on game day to ensure that it arrives before the start time. 

Sports are a social event that people often talk about long after the game itself. Many avid sports fans will think back to the commercials and brands represented during the game. Don't be afraid to get creative. Some of the most memorable ad campaigns start with sports programming. Think about Super Bowl ads, for example. Be creative about how you can tailor your brand's message to fit sports themes. For example, a personal injury attorney might run commercials to remind consumers to stay safe, not drink and drive, and avoid circumstances that could lead to an accident.

Equally important, consider the placement of your ads. Ad space during the game itself may be at a premium, but you can also place your ads a few hours before kickoff, during the highlights reel after the game is over, or on the days leading up to a game. 

Viewers will watch an average of 24 hours of commercials across an NFL season. You want your message to be memorable and stand out from the crowd to help consumers learn more about your brand. Look for ways that you can make your message unique. Seek to provide your audience with information that can enhance their gameday experience, or connect with them on an emotional level to create a deeper connection that will help you stand out. 

Social Media Campaigns

As the hype begins to increase around the upcoming sports seasons, talk about it on your social media channels. Consumers are eager to talk more about the teams they support and their excitement about the upcoming season. Work sports into your content calendar as a critical part of your digital marketing techniques. Consider the upcoming games and think of how your brand can interact with the fans on game day and those surrounding them. 

Think about what your brand represents, what it stands for, and what is most important to your target audience. A car dealership might share information about the perfect vehicles for tailgating, including what makes a specific vehicle stand out or what features it offers that will make it a gameday must-have. If you sell sporting equipment, you can showcase how viewers might want to get in a game of their own. Your social media channel is a great opportunity to start the conversation, as well as the perfect platform for continuing the interaction with your customers. Not only can you learn more about what your customers genuinely want, but you can also share information about how you can fill their needs. Many sports fans make their favorite sports and their favorite teams an important part of every aspect of their lives. By showing how you can fulfill those needs, you can increase excitement and enthusiasm about your brand, too. 

Cooking Segments

Everyone loves a good game day recipe, and cooking segments have proven to be popular with sports fans. Partner with a lifestyle show like MORE Live in Las Vegas  and give tips for enjoying the game at home or tailgating elsewhere. Cooking segments are a great way to show off your game day fan favorite dish. A restaurant might offer information about the best dishes for tailgating, including the ones that are most likely to taste great even several hours later. Don’t forget to wear your favorite sports gear and use dishes and decor that center around our local Las Vegas teams. This is a great opportunity for restaurants, bakeries, and grocery stores alike throughout Las Vegas to align with sports in a fun way that viewers can take something away from. It’s also typically very cost efficient. 

Sponsor Sports Segments

Take a look at your local news station that likely has segments focused on sports. Las Vegas news stations like KVVU highlight the latest sports news on air, and have opportunities for you to tie your brand to that content. Try to find a segment that fits with your business and the branding message you are trying to convey. This strategy allows you to get in front of sports fans without the price of prime ad spots during the actual games. 

By aligning yourself with Las Vegas sports, you can introduce your brand to more potential customers and capitalize on the excitement of the upcoming season. Sports fans are more likely to support the brands that are aligned with the teams they favor. When you position your brand with local sports, you can showcase exactly how valuable your business can be to those consumers.

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