Your 'Welcome Back' Message As Businesses Reopen

Gray Las Vegas About The Author

May 21, 2020 at 8:45 AM

Welcome back message as COVID19 businesses reopen

As states begin to reopen and phases are being announced, it’s important for businesses to have a 'welcome back' campaign in place that will invite customers to reconnect with your business. Consumers want to know which phase your business will reopen in, what your plan is to control traffic and keep them healthy, and how you're adapting your operations as you reopen. Planning a ‘welcome back’ campaign now can help ease the lift as you begin to resume more normal business operations.

Ideas for 'Welcome Back' Campaigns

Your ‘welcome back’ campaign, like your previous messaging, should continue to speak to the times. Consider:

A ‘thank you’ for the continued support. Many customers have continued to support local businesses to the best of their ability, through ordering online, curbside pick-up, or continuing to connect with your business through social media. This could be a great time to consider a special offer to thank them for their loyalty and to entice them to use your services now. 

Be Transparent. Many consumers are concerned about safety, and it's important that your marketing creative reflects the necessary precautions you are taking for customers to feel comfortable doing business with you. Your business will likely have to adjust certain operations in order to reopen. Share information regarding the steps your business is taking to keep customers and employees safe, including measures you'd like customers to take as they visit your business again. Let them know what they can expect from your business with new regulations in pace in advance. Offer solutions on how they can make purchases safely now and during different reopening phases. Show them that you have solutions for them whether it be via curbside pickup or by limiting the capacity in your location. Include any financial support or deferred payment options you are offering in your messaging. 

A community-focused message. Community support is more important than ever for businesses and customers alike. In a time where we have been presented with so much negativity, an encouraging message will go a long way. Share messages of positivity, connection, and support in your ‘welcome back’ campaign to provide comfort and normalcy. Even if your exact timeline is unclear, a heartfelt message saying “see you soon,” or “we can’t wait to welcome you back!” will keep you top of mind in your community.

Now Is The Time To Implement the Campaign 

Viewership has never been higher and pricing is extremely aggressive so the time to act is now. Knowing that the reopening phases are launching, it’s a great time to put a campaign in action to be top of mind with consumers while they are still home. Create a flexible schedule that will allow you to adapt your content based on changing community guidelines, and the needs of your customer. Stay in constant communication with your customers so they know what to expect and when. Consumers are eager to visit their favorite establishments again, and being informed will help people feel more at ease as we make this transition into our new normal.