Benefits of Continuing to Advertise When Times Are Good

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September 28, 2021 at 9:03 AM

Benefits of Continuing to Advertise when Times Are Good

When sales are down, it makes sense to start advertising as soon as possible.  Reasons being...

  • If you don't advertise your business, consumers won't know you exist. 
  • You have to spend money generating awareness in order to make money. 
  • You can't build a brand without advertising.
But what about when sales are up and business is strong? Is advertising still worth the time and money?   

YES! And here’s an in-depth look at why!   

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Long-term Advertising Fuels Loyalty 

Screen Shot 2021-09-24 at 9.57.00 AMAll relationships require nurturing – especially the relationships you have with your customers. When you need customers, you're all about the advertising. Every development and every sale are broadcast to as wide of an audience as possible to gain business. However, when things are good, you may feel like there's no reason to bother with it. Even if you have all the business you can currently handle, nothing could be further from the truth. 

Long-term advertising is one of the best ways to build relationships with your customers and foster loyalty. In bad times and in good, your audience wants to know that you are there and you care about them. By advertising year-round, you get the opportunity to provide value regularly. 

Consistent advertising is the key to developing the trust of old and new customers. 

It Helps You Stand Out Among the Competition 

Brand familiarity will make someone choose your business over a competitor's. You can't stand out in the crowd if people tend to forget your company is even around. An excellent way to outshine your competition is to beat them at the advertising game.  

Regular marketing shows consumers that your business is different from the rest. It keeps your brand top-of-mind and turns your company into a household name. Think of the insurance company Geico. Because we see the Gecko mascot so frequently, it has become a part of our collective consciousness. 

Businesses that advertise continually over the long haul enjoy an edge over the competition and can expect new business leads at all times of the year.      

Customers Will View You in a Positive Light 

Screen Shot 2021-09-24 at 9.57.09 AMWhen customers have a need, you want them to look to you to solve their problems. Long-term marketing helps secure your position as the go-to brand for making things right. Think how many spots you see that include “#1 in Las Vegas” or “Best Of”. Just because they got to the top of their category doesn’t mean they’re pulling back. If anything, they’re ramping up to make sure they stay on top. 

Consumers tire rapidly of in-your-face marketing that constantly tries to sell them something. A well-planned marketing strategy that offers useful information on a regular basis will help your audience feel good about your company and happy to have an association with it.  

Advertising Builds Credibility 

Brand engagement is extremely important to consumers; 84% expect their favorite brands to interact with them by providing valuable solutions and creating entertaining experiences. Consumers want to be informed so that they can make their own decisions rather than being told what to do.    

By advertising all year long and giving the audience what they want, you show that you are a reliable source of information and that your brand is there when needed. When you establish yourself as a thought leader as part of your branding process, it builds credibility with your audience. 

An Increase in Market Share  

Screen Shot 2021-09-24 at 9.57.15 AMThrough advertising, you can create a sense of urgency in your target audience. After watching your commercial or reading your content, customers should feel that their problem can only be solved when a purchase is made from your business. This affects your bottom line and your market share. 

To command a more significant portion of the market, consistent advertising is necessary. Even when things are good, an effective advertising campaign helps you to retain your existing customer base and attract new buyers along the way.  PLUS, in a city as transient as Las Vegas, you want to make sure you’re constantly introducing yourself to the thousands of people moving into the valley. 

Ask Your Media Partner About a Long-term Advertising Plan 

Long-term marketing keeps your brand fresh and relevant in the eyes of your customers. It helps you stand out from the competition and develop loyal relationships with your audience that are built on trust. Best of all, it gives your brand credibility while increasing your market share. 

When your advertising is familiar to consumers, your brand becomes a household name. An experienced media partner can help you develop a long-term marketing strategy that gets results. Learn about lifestyle marketing, cause marketing, digital advertising, OTT, TV commercials, and other marketing tools that you can use to reach and nurture your customers.  

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