How to Integrate Lifestyle Marketing into Your Marketing Mix

Yvette Rodriguez

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April 8, 2021 at 11:38 AM

How to Integrate Lifestyle Marketing into Your Marketing Mix

Brands that want to position themselves as household names often use lifestyle marketing to get there. Lifestyle marketing, as the name suggests, is a strategy for bringing awareness to your products or services based on their alignment with a particular lifestyle. For example, home cooks might flock to the OXO brand because a popular chef uses those products on a cooking show. The brand doesn't make someone a better cook, but it might help them feel more accomplished in the kitchen. Because the brand is seen in the hands of a gourmet cook, it gains credibility.

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When you implement lifestyle marketing into your plan, you are helping consumers realize that being associated with your brand can take them closer to the lives they want to live. You are showing your audience that you can be trusted.

Here are a few ideas for integrating lifestyle marketing into your marketing strategy. 

Add Spice to Your Strategy with Lifestyle Marketing

Lifestyle marketing is a creative way to advertise your brand because it highlights your products and services in a new and different light. When you purchase ads in a lifestyle magazine like Southern Living, AllRecipes or Better Homes & Gardens, it gives your business credibility by aligning your products with a reputable brand. For consumers, it's almost like getting a recommendation from a trusted friend.

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MORE Local. Las Vegas. is Las Vegas' #1 lifestyle and entertainment program. In addition to teaming with local businesses and experts to bring viewers information on education, parenting, and health, the show also covers topics like fashion, beauty and celebrity news.  Sponsoring segments during the hour-long show puts your brand in the spotlight and establishes you as a solid member of the community and expert with desirable lifestyle attributes to offer. 

Lifestyle Marketing Can Help with Branding

Screen Shot 2021-01-25 at 10.28.19 AMIf your brand can enhance a lifestyle, and you are not utilizing the opportunity to share that, you miss out on engagement and revenue. Lifestyle marketing can help you reach a larger audience while you build your brand. Additional benefits include:

Personalized Branding

Lifestyle marketing helps you to personalize your business giving it characteristics that associate it with a better-known lifestyle brand. When you purchase ad space in a magazine like Real Simple, you establish your brand as one meant for people who care about simplifying life while promoting a clean environment and a healthy mind. This level of personalization solidifies your brand identity.  

Heightened Brand Awareness

Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 9-43-19 AM-pngWhen you market via lifestyle avenues, awareness of your brand increases exponentially. By placing your company alongside lifestyle brands with large audiences, your brand enjoys additional exposure it may not get any other way. If you are a local company, a large viewership can change your business’s potential.

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Helps You Connect With Your Audience on a More Personal Level

To gain the loyalty of customers, you need to connect with them on a one-to-one basis. You want your target audience to know that you get them, and you want to help them succeed.  Lifestyle marketing gives you and both established customers and new ones a common goal - to support each other in the chosen lifestyle. This kind of relationship builds trust and business over the long haul.

Offers a More Relaxed Way to Present Content Than Other Forms of Marketing

With lifestyle marketing, it's not a hard sell. You are making the public aware that your brand exists, and it is part of the lifestyle that they aspire to if they are using this channel. It's an effective way to advertise without being pushy.               

Integrating Lifestyle Marketing into Your Advertising Strategy

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Gray Las Vegas can help your brand appear in a lifestyle marketing segment of the MORE Local. Las Vegas. show on KVVU-FOX5. Three-minute segments are done live or pre-produced and post to our website after the show. You can then share by email or social media. 

To learn about opportunities for integrating lifestyle marketing into your advertising plan, contact your media partner

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