The Benefits of Using Email Marketing

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February 3, 2021 at 1:15 PM

The Benefits of Using Email Marketing

Email marketing is a proven strategy for engaging potential and existing customers. Business owners may send out communication about sales, topics of consumer interest, or general information about the company regularly. The goal is to make an impression on new and existing customers with content and specific calls to action.

No surprise here! No matter who you are, you’re using email and probably multiple accounts. According to 2021 projections, over 4 out of 5 individuals in the United States will use email at least once per month, with most individuals checking their email every day. For this reason, 89% of marketers use email as their primary source for lead generation.  

Let's look at some of the benefits of using email marketing and why it's essential in today's advertising landscape.

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1. Email Marketing is Cost-Effective

Probably the most economical of all marketing efforts, email marketing also has the highest return on investment. For every dollar spent, you can expect a return of $44. That's a 4400% ROI!

2. Communication is Targeted

The Benefits of Using Email MarketingWith email marketing, you can get the right messages in front of the right audiences at the most reasonable time. You can even build segmented contact lists based on demographics, regions and website views to make getting targeted messages out to customers easier. Emails help you re-target past customers while gaining the attention of new ones. 

3. Emails are Measurable and Trackable

Measuring emails in terms of engagement and effectiveness is a straightforward process. With applications like Google Analytics, you get in-depth analysis and tracking tools that let you see who opened your emails, the specific links that were clicked, and other pertinent information that give you insight into marketing performance. 

Your media partner has experience navigating these tools to keep your campaign moving forward. 

4. Content is Personalized

The content you share with members of your target audience can be highly personalized using email. You can address each member of your audience by their first name and include information that is relevant to his or her locale. You can also send emails based on past purchases or provide information based on interests and buying trends.

5. Email Helps Generate Website Traffic

Screen Shot 2021-01-25 at 9.46.08 AMEmail is a great way to generate traffic to your website. Communication should have links for more information, company policy and other calls to action that lead directly to your site.  The click-through rate for email campaigns falls somewhere in the vicinity of 2.6%. When you send out a high volume of emails, this significantly increases the odds of conversion.

6. Email is Interactive and Versatile

Email is a highly interactive and versatile tool. An email from your company can be forwarded, clicked on for more information, used to update subscriptions, and relied on as a source of your website and blogs. Plus you can include video and pictures to engage recipients. Your media partner can assist you with any features you may not be using to its utmost ability.

7. Email is Still the Most "Businessy" Medium

When it comes to building business relationships, email is still the best medium. People generally check their email multiple times per hour and on multiple devices.

According to HubSpot, 35% of business professionals report that they check their email on a mobile phone. Of B2B companies, 87% say that email is one of their top free organic distribution channels, and 81% say their most used form of content marketing is email newsletters. Businesses rely on email as much, or more than, they do postal mail.  

8. High Volume of Users

The Benefits of Using Email MarketingWith over 3.9 billion email users worldwide, email is at the head of the list for active accounts and users. That means over 50% of the world's population is currently using email, with that number expected to climb. Email continues to be one of the best marketing tactics available. 

Incorporating Email Marketing into Your Strategy

To incorporate email into your marketing plan, you should create content that is popular with your audience. Generationally, millennials prefer to get something free by email, such as a coupon or discount, and Gen X'ers want authenticity. Videos and pictures work well to show your product in action, and these can quickly be loaded into your message. Be sure to include a link to your website and ensure that all additional links work. Remember to be consistent, and align your content with your current marketing efforts.

Because of its cost-effectiveness, ROI and versatility, email marketing is one of the best sales tools available today. You not only get the ability to personalize your content; you also have tools for measuring the effectiveness of your campaign and a way to drive traffic to your website. When you work with a media partner to develop your email campaign, you gain access to their expertise, reporting tools and contact database to achieve next-level results. 

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