The Value of Aligning Your Business with Local Las Vegas Sports

Jamal Spears

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July 31, 2020 at 8:55 AM

Sports fans are eagerly anticipating the start of the new season and the return of the sports they love. For businesses looking for new, creative advertising opportunities, sports can prove incredibly beneficial. Aligning your brand with sports programming can allow you to reach a broad base of fans, and build the connection between your brand and those sports teams. 

This Is the Season To Take Advantage Of 

Sports in Las Vegas have boomed over the past few years. The Vegas Golden Knights, the Las Vegas Aces, the Aviators, and the long-anticipated NFL franchise, Las Vegas Raiders, have all attracted increasing amounts of attention. Few opportunities bring the level of viewership that live sports do, but this season it’s amplified even more due to the abrupt cancellation of sports this past spring. For brands that have considered sports advertising but never taken the plunge, this is the ideal season to start. Fans are more eager than ever for sports to make their return not only for the entertainment value but for the sense of normalcy that sports brings to our lives. 

By advertising alongside sports, you can attract new attention to your business and generate awareness about the products you have to offer. It’s not just limited to a commercial spot during the games, there are opportunities leading up to and after the game as well that can be extremely beneficial. For example, advertising your restaurant and delivery services before a game,could increase your game-day delivery revenue or bring in customers who are eager to watch the game at your sports bar. People are looking to support local business that support our local teams.  

Advertising In Sports Gives An Opportunity to Expand Your Reach

Las Vegas has been starving for an NFL team for long time, and our wait is finally over. We’ve eagerly watched Allegiant Stadium being built over the past few years to finally have a team for the city to call our own. With season tickets in the stadium being sold out, and fan attendance still unknown, there will be a lot of locals tuning in to watch the games on tv this year. KVVU FOX5 is the official broadcast partner of the Las Vegas Raiders, bringing unique and exclusive co-branding opportunities for businesses. 

Along with NFL, we are also airing Major League Baseball, Premier Boxing Champions, Major League Soccer, and NHRA racing- allowing for a lot of first run sports programming that you can be part of. 

Sports are a social event watched in real time that can serve as a massive reach vehicle. Many times the ads themselves are a talking point of conversation throughout the game. There’s a reason why so many major corporations are willing to invest in high profile sporting events like Super Bowl Sunday- they know the ads will be talked about and they want to be part of the conversation. Take Stella Artois for example. Their 2019 Super Bowl commercial was a huge hit. The next day they had over 48 million views of their commercial across all major platforms.

Advertising In A Game Builds A Connection with Sports Fans

Sports brings us all together. When you position your brand alongside sports, you will reach many different demographics with a single ad including a wide variety of age groups, income levels, and interests. By advertising in sports, you give your brand the opportunity to create connections with a variety of people who may not have not been introduced to your brand yet. More often than not, people are engaging in Multi-screen usage on other devices while watching their favorite team play. By presenting them with your ad during a commercial break, you are giving them a chance to take action on their second screen. 

Sports fans are also extremely loyal to their teams, and the businesses that support them. Advertising in sports programming gives you an opening to start building a vital connection to bring new potential customers to your business.

Now is the time to align your brand in sports and commercials during the games are in higher demand now than ever. Planning your marketing well ahead of time will allow you to capitalize on opportunities before they sell out this fall season. Talk to your local marketing consultant to strategize how to get to started. 

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