How to Pair Lifestyle Marketing with Your Campaign

Hunter Howard

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January 20, 2022 at 11:34 AM

How to Pair Lifestyle Marketing with Your Campaign

Lifestyle marketing has enhanced the brand image of many successful companies, resulting in a thriving community of engaged customers. Dove's "Real Beauty" campaign helped it gain an audience focused on body positivity, differentiating itself from other cosmetic companies. Likewise, when you see someone wearing Jeep apparel, you know that you've spotted a fellow adventurer. 

You don't have to be a large corporation if you want to implement this strategy into your campaign! Follow these lifestyle marketing tips and see for yourself how this strategy can benefit your small business. 

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Sponsor Segments on Local Lifestyle TV Segments 

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 9.33.19 AMLocal TV itself is centered around community building, with helpful lifestyle segments that entertain viewers and help improve their lives. When you sponsor these segments, you can rest assured that your brand will appear in front of an engaged audience. Afterward, you can use that station's social media following to continue advertising your business.  

While TV commercials are still a great way to market your brand, some companies can benefit from pairing a traditional commercial schedule with a lifestyle segment. These segments allow you to go into more detail about everything that your product or service offers. When customers can see your offerings in action, they're more likely to take a risk and buy a new product. Lifestyle segments allow you to demonstrate your brand's products while highlighting your unique brand voice at the same time. 

The goal of a lifestyle segment is to show your potential customers how your brand can make their lives easier. We already know that video marketing works: a video demonstration can potentially convince 84% of customers to buy new products. Lifestyle segments are usually a few minutes long, giving you enough time to showcase your brand in an engaging and helpful way! 

How to Make Your Segment Work For You 

Just like any televised advertisement, it's important to include interactive elements in your lifestyle marketing segment. For example, say that you're trying to market a cooking product or a recipe book. You can make a QR code that reveals a free recipe from your book, or a recipe that utilizes the cooking product. 

QR codes are also useful when you want to show off a restaurant. Customers can scan it to get a look at the menu, access a coupon code, or make a reservation. All of these things drive more people to your website, allowing you to receive valuable analytics about your primary audience. 

After your demonstration has aired as a lifestyle segment, you can add it to the product page of your brand's website. This saves you the time (and money!) of filming and producing a new demonstration on your own. It also gives viewers the opportunity to pause the segment and see your brand's offerings in more detail. 

If customers have more questions after the segment, your website is the perfect place to provide answers. Supplement your video with text giving customers more tips on how to use your product. When they're already on your website, customers are also more inclined to check out what else you have to offer. 

Connect to Your Audience Using Social Media 

A local TV station will often put the segment on its social media page after it has aired.  Over half of all social media users use their accounts to research products. Reposting the segment to your own company's social media page allows interested leads to easily get more information about your brand.  

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 9.33.24 AMIn addition to advertising reach, making positive connections with customers is another crucial aspect of social media. This is the place where you can quickly address concerns or questions about any of your products. You can also start a conversation thread and encourage all of your followers to join in, building up your brand community. 

Social media conversations can be the best tools for building your brand's tone and voice. Your brand's voice should be distinctive, but should also be on-brand for the lifestyle that you're trying to promote. On social media, you'll be able to see how your audience perceives this tone in real-time. 

Don't forget to keep your brand voice consistent across your other marketing campaigns! It's good to implement new messages into your tactics, but all of them should return to a lifestyle-based theme. Attempting to deviate too far from that theme risks alienating the audience that you've already cultivated. 

What Makes Lifestyle Brands So Successful? 

Lifestyle brands use indirect and friendly methods to market themselves, resulting in more organic appeal for consumers. This marketing style works because brands can take advantage of sponsored TV segments, innovative engagement tools, and social media communities. Media partners are also incredibly beneficial because they can lend more expertise to any advertising campaign, especially lifestyle marketing! 

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